How to boost milk production in cows

cows stall feeding

Proper feeding, hormone treatments and of course good livestock management practices are among the strategies that you can use to improve milk production. Before we get into these strategies it is important to know a few facts about milk and milk production in dairy cows:

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What you need to know when planning for a chicken hatcheries business


As opposed to natural methods where the hen sits on the eggs, commercial hatcheries customarily rely on artificial incubators.  Chicken hatchery business is more than the ordinary raising of chicken. It basically entails the regular production and supply of day old chicks by artificial incubation.

There can be variations in the nature of the hatcheries such that it may be part of a breeding farm, an arrangement where day old chicks and parent stocks are produced or where the breeding stock is not maintained but eggs are purchased to produce day old chicks. 

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Pig market in Kenya


Live pig markets

transporting pigs

Although livestock markets are spread throughout the country there are no live pig markets in Kenya. This is owing to the many problems that have faced the pig industry in the past. Traders move from village to village looking for pigs where live pigs are sold at the farm gate. They then transport the live pigs to the various destinations where money exchange hands. However Farmer’s Choice Limited does not buy live pigs. Instead farmers transport them to the factory and are paid according to cold dressed weight (CDW) after slaughter.

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Why establishing lucerne crop is a very good investment for the dairy farmer

Lucerne crop

Lucerne, also known as alfalfa, is the single most important fodder crop that a dairy farmer should always have in the farm. The term Alfalfa is an Arabic word meaning “best fodder” because of its palatability and high feeding value. It can substitute up to 80% of commercial feeds purchased for the dairy cow. Despite the immense benefit it can bring many farmers have not seen the need for establishing the crop. Lucerne can grow in many areas across the country.


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The Best Tropical Dairy Cows

This cow produced 22,798 liters of milk in 365 days! Not in the USA or cold Europe, but in a tropical country just like Kenya. This lactation record equals an impressive and unbelievable lactation average of over 62 liters of milk per day! Welcome to this “seeing is believing” picture show through the fantastic and fascinating world of true tropical dairy cattle.

"Quartinha Terra Vermelha" 

22,798 liters in 365 days

Breed: Girolando (50% Gir, 50% Holstein)

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