Camel herd management and strategies

The strategies adopted will depend on the purpose of the animal. For example herd management for milk production will be different that for work. The herd composition should be such that management is easy. Other than the herd structure, management will also depend on labor availability.

Females require extra feeding during breeding and pregnancy. Calving should be timed to occur during the part of the year when feed is abundant. Goats and sheep should be kept to alleviate problems when camels are not producing milk. Goats are hardy and resistant to diseases and do quite well together with camel:

Various management strategies have been adopted in the arid areas


Animals are seasonally moved from one grazing region to another. The particular events are repeated at particular seasons every year.


Wandering of pastoralists in the desert to look for pasture. The events depend on day to day decision depending on availability of pasture


The whole ethnic group move from their traditional grazing area to another area



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