Secrets to proper feeding of dairy cows

Written by Maurice Rangoma.

dairy cows feeding on hay

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In this post I am going to show you how to properly feed dairy cows to get maximum milk yield and economic returns.  The same practices are used by successful dairy farmers to achieve high milk production and have been proven to work time and again. Of importance to the dairy cow are nutritional requirements, quantities and qualities of feed, feed sources, rations and other dynamics. You will need to be equiped with information about the cows’ milking performance, body size, body condition, stage of lactation, feeding habits and feed preferences to be able to properly feed the cows.  

Feeding of dairy cows at various physiological stages in the cow’s lifecycle is covered in another article. Here are the 25 secrets of proper feeding of dairy cows that makes all the difference.

Dry matter intake

Roughage Intake

Concentrate Intake

Nutrient requirements



Minerals and Vitamins


Formulating rations

Feed Presentation