Starting a successful commercial dairy farming business the right way

Friesian cows in a shed

With all the talk about commercial dairy farming business, it’s easy to forget that you’ve got to work hard to raise cows that produce lots of milk. And I am not exaggerating to say that commercial dairy farming is not a walk in the park. It helps to get it clear from the outset that this is not about subsistence dairy farming. Commercial dairy farming may not be in your league if you are going to approach it indifferently. But this is not to discourage because on the contrary, commercial dairy farming can be fun and rewarding if approached the right way.


Successes and failures in dairy farming in Kenya

Dairy farming

It is every dairy farmers dream to raise high quality cows that produce lots of milk for sale. In my career as a farmers’ trainer I have met people who jumped into dairy farming and made huge profits and are now very successful. I equally have met many more who went into dairy farming hoping to turn their fortunes


Livestock farmers and businesses can get loans from Kenya Livestock Finance Trust

Livestock enterprises can access loans for their farming or business activities through the Kenya Livestock Finance Trust (K-LIFT). K-LIFT was established in 1994 with a goal to contribute towards poverty alleviation and food security through supporting livestock enterprises access to affordable credit. K-LIFT does this by giving loans to entrepreneurs that make a living through the different livestock enterprises. The loans are towards working capital or assets financing that will contribute to the growth of livestock business.


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